6 Simple Steps to PSM I

1. Get a baseline with a PSM I quiz

Want to take the PSM I™ exam, but not sure if you will pass?
Take a 10-minute quiz with a few sample PSM I™ practice questions to see where you stand.

⏱️ Takes 10 min

If you’ve aced the quiz, move onto the second step. 

HeyScrum 6 Simple Steps Definitive Guide to PSM I

2. Learn about the PSM I exam structure

Now that you know you have a good foundational knowledge of Scrum, what does the exam actually entail?

Here we break down the tactics and strategies to passing the PSM I including question types and categories, things missing from the Scrum guide, time management, and much more.

⏱️ Takes 12 min

Now that you’ve understood the exam holistically, move onto step 3.

3. Take our comprehensive PSM I practice exams

We now know we need a minimum of 85% passing score – answering at least 68 out of 80 questions correctly, within 60 minutes.

There’s no shortcut here. Answer the 400+ practice questions and take the simulated exams. Rinse and repeat. 

Your goal is to get 100% four times in a row in the allocated time.

⏱️ Takes 2-3 hours

Are you done? Now you’re ready to move onto step 4.

HeyScrum 6 Simple Steps PSM I pratice exams
HeyScrum 6 Simple Steps PSM I cheatcheet

4. Download and study the PSM I cheatsheet

The PSM I exam is open book, which means you can bring any material for reference. 

Make sure you print out HeyScrum’s PSM I Cheatsheet to quickly refer back to when approaching difficult questions.

⏱️ Takes 10-20 min

Printed? There’s one more thing you need…

5. Print the PSM I bookmarking tool

60 minutes isn’t long. To make sure you’re properly managing your time and prioritizing questions, we recommend printing our MusCoNi — the PSM I bookmarking method.

⏱️ Takes 1 minute

Ready for the big day?

HeyScrum 6 Simple Steps PSM I bookmarking tool
HeyScrum 6 Simple Steps PSM I exam

6. Pass your PSM I exam and get certified !

Now you’re fully prepped, the only thing to do is take the exam.

⏱️ Takes 60 min

Good luck and let us know how it goes! 


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