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Assess your Advanced Product Owner knowledge

PSPO II Free Quiz - ScrumPrep
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Taking the this quiz will allow you to create a baseline of your advanced Scrum Product Owner knowledge, from which you can start improving immediately. The PSPO II Quiz is free of charge. Full practice exams can be found in the Exam Prep for Professional Product Owner (PSPO II™).


  • PSPO II™ Sample Exam Pool

    12 randomly selected questions from a larger pool

  • Uncover Knowledge Gaps

    Gain valuable insights into your current proficiency and discover areas for improvement

  • PSPO II Categories & Focus Areas

    Empiricism, Product Value, Events, Forecasting & Release Planning, Accountabilities, Stakeholders & Customers, Scrum Values, Product Backlog Management, Organizational Design & Culture, Business Strategy, Product Vision, Portfolio Planning, Scaling

  • Simulated Exam Environment

    Become accustomed with your timing and focus without unnecessary distractions

  • Developed by Exam Experts

    Realistic questions vetted by experienced exam experts

  • Fully Updated

    Conforms to the latest Scrum Guide and exam specifications

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