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PSFS Practice Tests - Elevate Your Facilitation Skills

Prepare to pass your Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills (PSFS™) certification with confidence using the best exam prep learning tool - PSFS Practice Tests. Acquire the essential tools you need to become an exceptional facilitator, enhancing interactions with Scrum Teams, stakeholders, and customers through our comprehensive simulator features.

  • 60 PSFS™ Exam Sample Questions

    Gain access to a pool of 60 high-quality sample questions all developed to the latest PSFS exam requirements. The questions cover every exam domain that you are being tested on and give you coverage on the knowledge you need to pass.

  • Complete Exams With Comprehensive PSFS Test Questions

    We packaged all questions into a series of full exams for you. All the questions are grouped in such a way that all questions in each exam closely match the domain percentages on the actual test.

  • Categories & Focus Areas

    All of the categories needed to pass the exam including Applying Facilitation Skills and Techniques, Facilitation Principles and Values

  • Simulated PSFS Exam Environment

    A simulated exam environment provides a realistic look and feel of the real test and helps you become accustomed with your timing and focus without unnecessary distractions.

  • Questions Developed by Scrum Exam Experts

    The 60 questions that you will see on the simulator are developed and vetted by Scrum exam experts. Our knowledge and expertise help enhance the variety of our question pool for you.

  • Fully Updated to the Latest PSFS Examination Content Outline

    Because the exam is constantly updated rest assured that the questions you encounter in our simulator closely mimic the real exam, as we review and update the questions to the latest exam specifications.

ScrumPrep - PSFS Practice Tests

Your key to PSFS™ success

  • 60 PSFS™ exam sample questions
  • Real exam mode with unlimited question combinations
  • Questions developed by experienced Scrum exam experts
  • Updated to the current PSFS™ 2023 exam
  • Pass Guarantee to ensure your success
Last updated 9/2023



Access exclusive bonus features that holistically prepare you for the exam:

In-Depth Explanations and Tips

Detailed explanations that reinforce your knowledge and understanding of the underlying concepts

Instructor Support

Our experts are always available to help you with your learning and continuous growth

Live Updates

For as long as you own the course, you will receive the most up to date exam questions

Certification Upon Completion

At the end of the course, you will receive a certification of completion to share your accomplishment

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  • 60 PSFS™ exam sample questions
  • Real exam mode with unlimited question combinations
  • Questions developed by experienced Scrum exam experts
  • Updated to the current PSFS™ 2023 exam
  • Pass Guarantee to ensure your success
Last updated 9/2023


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Saved me a ton of time

I really needed help after failing the PSFS the first time. ScrumPrep provided me with with the practice I desperately needed and comfortably passed on my second attempt. The practice questions included explanations and links to help me better understand the answers and build confidence They also replied to my questions when I didn’t understand

Joel J.

Passed the PSFS on the first try!

I’ve tried PSFS practice exams from other sites but ScrumPrep had the best quality in terms of questions, answers, and explanations. You can tell they spent a lot of time developing the exams and questions. I’ll definitely use them

Mathews G.

Passed with 96%!!!

Thank you so much! I have passed by 96% even though I had only 10 days of preparation. So without your training I would not have passed ! I strongly recommend everybody who is considering taking the PSFS

Brenda F.

Scored > 90% on the exam!

Wish I knew about this site earlier. I tried many other sites but ScrumPrep was the only one I felt provided the exactly what I needed. The questions on the PSFS certification exam aren’t easy and requires facilitation knowledge that beyond the scope of the workshop. Some of the questions requires knowledge of a wide

Tina S.

Looking for PSFS practice questions? Look no further!

There’s a reason I’ve been a loyal customer for years. The quality of the courses have always been the best and on top of that they prioritize supporting their students. Having said that, my stress was reduced and I passed the PSFS comfortably. Thanks as

Alcaraz C.

Highly recommended for PSFS practice

I was so lucky to find this site as the PSFS certification is new and there aren’t many practice questions available on the internet. I went through the practice exams a few times before taking the certification exam and can confidently say that it really helped me a lot. For those taking the PSFS exam,

Stephan C.

Passed on the first attempt

After attending the PSFS workshop, I purchased the Exam Prep for PSFS to help me prepare for the exam from several colleague recommendations. 100% satisfied as it certainly helped me pass the exam. Will definitely purchase the other exam preps in the future. Highly

Ash P.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Exam Prep for PSFS™ is created to maximize your chances of exam success. You will become familiar and comfortable with taking the PSFS™ assessment exam and passing it with confidence.

  • Our content is thoroughly researched and regularly tested to conform with the most recent exams.
  • Questions will have similar vocabulary, grammar and level of difficulty as the real exam.
  • Questions will cover the same categories and topics as the real exam.
  • Detailed explanations are provided for the most challenging questions.
  • Our exam experts are available to answer your questions or to clarify answers.
  • Simulated exam environment is provided to help you become comfortable with the exam format and enhance your test taking skills.
  • 99% pass rate.

You will receive a full refund if your refund request is received within 14 days of your purchase and you also meet other criteria, which are described in our Money Back Guarantee Policy.

Click here to view our Guarantee Policy.

The Exam Prep for PSFS™ can be used on any laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

When preparing for the real exam, for the best experience, I recommend that you use either a laptop or desktop computer as it would simulate how you would likely take the real exam

I regularly offer discount coupons for our products. These coupons are published in our newsletters or sent as an already discounted checkout link. Here is our policy in regards to accepting discount coupons:

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The Exam Prep for PSFS™ is given through an online tool and does not require you to download or install anything. This means that an active internet connection is required at all times.

It is not possible to take exams or quizzes while offline.

The minimum speed for your internet connection is 1 Mbps, however, a high-speed connection (cable, broadband, etc.) is recommended.

As of January 2023, the simulator supports the following browsers:


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge


  • iOS Safari
  • Chrome
  • Samsung Internet

The Exam Prep for PSFS™ cannot be printed or exported. They are intended for online use only.

In this way, students can take advantage of Exam Prep for PSFS™ features, such as:

  • Detailed explanations for questions, including the correct and incorrect answer choices.
  • Use the complementary Live Discussion™ service to discuss the correctness of the questions’ answers, explanations or references.

But most importantly, online-only access guarantees you are accessing the most recent question database. This is important because we update our questions and explanations quite regularly (sometimes daily) based on the most recent changes in the real exam and inputs from students. The only way to be sure that you are seeing the most current and valid questions and explanations is by accessing them online.

You can spend as much or as little time as you like. In my experience, students who dedicate time to taking as many questions (multiple times) as possible improve their chances of success on the real exam.

Your purchase of the Exam Prep for PSFS™ is for a single-user license. You will receive a username and password in your name to access the simulator. This is your personal access information, and you may not share your login credentials with others. You may access the simulator as often as you like. You may not sell your single-user license of exam preps to others.

Access from multiple devices is permitted. However, access from multiple devices at the same time is prohibited.

Yes! Buy it now, and use it whenever you’re ready to start preparing to pass your PSFS™ certification exam on the first try.

ScrumPrep was developed on over 20 years of experience training and certifying professionals. We pride ourselves on our commitment to continuously delivering and maintaining the best quality exam preps and also personally supporting our students throughout their journey … and our students love their results!

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. PSFS practice tests, questions, and answers to help you pass your Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills (PSFS™) exam in 2023.

Prepare to pass your Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills (PSFS™) certification with confidence using the best exam prep learning tool – PSFS Practice Tests. Acquire the essential tools you need to become an exceptional facilitator, enhancing interactions with Scrum Teams, stakeholders, and customers through our comprehensive simulator features.

489 reviews for Exam Prep for Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills (PSFS™)

  1. Harper F.

    I’m eager to share what I’ve learned with my team.

  2. Charlotte G.

    These practice tests provide an authentic exam experience.

  3. Noah P.

    The explanations provided for both correct and incorrect answers are incredibly enlightening.

  4. Mia G.

    These practice exams are an investment in your Agile career. They offer a realistic testing experience and prepare you for the unexpected in the certification exam. The variety of question formats keeps your preparation engaging, preventing monotony. These exams not only ensure certification success but also make you a more effective Agile practitioner.

  5. Abigail N.

    I consider these practice exams my secret weapon for Agile certification success. The online access made my study routine flexible, and the questions covered every aspect of Agile principles. The explanations provided after each question are like mini-lessons, clarifying even the most intricate concepts. Thanks to these exams, I passed my certification with ease.

  6. Grace O.

    I’m now certified, thanks to these.

  7. Liam Y.

    Elevated my confidence for the test.

  8. Scarlett U.

    Enhanced my exam strategy.

  9. Olivia T.

    Perfectly tailored for exam prep.

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