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Prepare to pass your PSPO III™ certification with the best exam prep learning tool that gives you an expert level of knowledge on Product Owner and Scrum concepts through the following simulator features:

  • 60 PSPO III™ Expert Exam Sample Questions

    Gain access to a pool of 60 high-quality sample questions all developed to the latest PSPO III exam requirements. The questions cover every exam domain that you are being tested on and give you coverage on the knowledge you need to pass.

  • Complete Exams Including Essay Type Questions

    In addition to multiple choice questions you will also receive advanced multi-level essay questions (multiple questions asked in a single 'essay question') supplemented with example answers and explanations to understand the best way questions should be answered.

  • PSPO III Categories & Focus Areas

    All of the categories needed to pass the exam including Done, Self-Managing Teams, Empiricism, Product Value, Artifacts, Leadership Styles, Events, Forecasting & Release Planning, Accountabilities, Stakeholders & Customers, Product Backlog Management, Business Strategy, Product Vision

  • Questions Developed by PSPO Exam Experts

    The 60 questions that you will see on the simulator are developed and vetted by exam experts. Our knowledge and expertise help enhance the variety of our question pool for you.

  • Fully Updated to the Latest PSPO III Examination Content Outline

    Because the exam is constantly updated rest assured that the questions you encounter in our simulator closely mimic the real exam, as we review and update the questions to the latest exam specifications.

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The Exam Prep for Professional Product Owner (PSPO III™) is created to maximize your chances of exam success.  You will become familiar and comfortable with taking the PSPO III assessment exam and passing it with confidence.

  • Our content is thoroughly researched and regularly tested to conform with the most recent exams.
  • Questions will have similar vocabulary, grammar and level of difficulty as the real exam.
  • Questions will cover the same categories and topics as the real exam.
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  • 99% pass rate.

The PSPO III exam is incredibly difficult and has a difficulty level of Expert. This is the distinguished level of mastery, having in-depth Scrum and Product Owner experience and the ability to apply the Scrum framework to solve complex problems regarding product ownership in the real world is required. Essay answers will ask you to pull from your personal experiences to support your essay answers. Essay answers are manually graded by instructors and can be open to subjectivity.


Official PSPO III™ exam details:

  • Passing score: 85%
  • Time limit: 120 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 35
  • Format: Multiple Choice and essay with an emphasis on the essay questions; 
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Language: English only
  • Fee: $500 USD per attempt

PSPO III certification holders demonstrate their ability to apply the Scrum framework to solving complex problems regarding product ownership in the real world and indicates of their advanced knowledge and abilities pertaining to Scrum and the role of the Scrum Product Owner.

There is no prerequisite to taking the PSPO III Certification assessment. You can take the PSPO III assessment if you feel you have extensive experience and have mastered Scrum and product ownership in the real world.

At the moment, you can take the PSPO III without having other certifications (ie PSPO I, PSPO II). does state that the PSPO III is available after passing the PSPO I and PSPO II assessments, however, you can still purchase and take the PSPO III without the others.

That being said, it is helpful to have mastered the PSPO I and PSPO II exams to prepare for the PSPO III.

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  • All questions and answers are frequently audited to ensure they conform to the latest exams.

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  • All content is extensively researched, validated, and kept up to date.

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