Exam Prep for Professional Kanban (PSK I™)

Pass the Scrum.org Professional Scrum with Kanban I ™ exam the first time. 100% proven PSK I practice tests, questions, and answers.

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Fully compatible with the 2022 PSK I™ exam.
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PSK I Practice Tests by ScrumPrep

PSK I Practice Exams Designed by Experts

The Exam Prep for Professional Kanban (PSK I™) is designed to help you prepare for the PSK I™ certification assessment from Scrum.org. Our question bank was created by Scrum experts who helped design ScrumPrep’s practice tests for the PSK I™ and the questions, answers, and explanations.


Question Categories Covered

Complementary Practices: Kanban Practices
Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework
Complementary Practices: Agile Metrics for Kanban

Course Content

  • Professional Kanban Practice Test 1 (45 Questions)

  • Professional Kanban Practice Test 2 (45 Questions)

  • Professional Kanban Practice Test 3 (25 Questions)


  • Real exam environment to fully prepare for the official exam.

What Our Students Say

Definitely helped me prepare for the PSK I assessment

Your practice exams definitely help to prepare for the PSK I assessment. Explanations are great and worth taking time read thoroughly, even for questions you got right. There was some tricky questions on the real assessment, reading again and again the questions and answers was the key to find the best options to select. Highly

Noel S.

Passed my PSK I exam on the first attempt (94%)

I can confidently say that this course was beneficial in helping me pass my PSK I exam on the first attempt (94%). I was a complete novice when I began the course, I am not currently in the field of project management, and I am not the greatest test taker. This course helped me understand

Mack J.

I passed my PSK I certification with 93% of pass mark.

Hiro is such a amazing instructor. I passed my PSK I certification with 93% of pass mark. The only source i used is this course, the Scrum Guide and Kanban Guide. The way Hiro has structured the questions is very useful to pass the PSK 1 certification easily. Also Hiro is very active in answering

Michelle M

Today I have cleared PSK I with 95% on my first attempt

Today I have cleared PSK I with 95% on my first attempt. Here are my review points, 1.This course is very useful for the actual assessment. Also, Q&A discussions made me feel like a live session.Guaranteed quick response from the instructor. 2. Practice assessments are more related to actual assessment and you can expect questions

Nicolas M

Awesome course to help pass the PSK I test (97%)

Awesome course to help pass the PSK I test (97%)! Excellent questions and good explanations provided, and some info not in the Kanban Guide that will be present on the test. Recommend reading the Scrum and Kanban Guide thoroughly and going through the practice exams and reading the explanations. Thanks Hiro!

Roland A.


The Exam Prep for Professional Kanban (PSK I™) is created to maximize your chances of exam success.  You will become familiar and comfortable with taking the PSK I assessment exam and passing it with confidence.

  • Our content is thoroughly researched and regularly tested to conform with the most recent exams.
  • Questions will have similar vocabulary, grammar and level of difficulty as the real exam.
  • Questions will cover the same categories and topics as the real exam.
  • Detailed explanations are provided for the most challenging questions.
  • Our exam experts are available to answer your questions or to clarify answers.
  • Simulated exam environment is provided to help you become comfortable with the exam format and enhance your test taking skills.
  • 99% pass rate.

The PAL I exam has a difficulty level of Intermediate. Having a strong level of knowledge about how Scrum Teams can use Kanban is required.


Official PSK I™ exam details:

  • Passing score: 85%
  • Time limit: 60 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 45
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Language: English only
  • Fee: $200 USD per attempt

PSK I certification holders demonstrate a fundamental understanding of how Scrum Teams can use Scrum with Kanban to support value creation and delivery.

There is no prerequisite to taking the PSK I Certification assessment. You can take the PSK I assessment if you feel you already possess a high understanding of Kanban Practices, Agile Metrics, and The Scrum Framework.

Regularly Updated Content

  • All questions and answers are frequently audited to ensure they conform to the latest exams.

Designed by Verified Experts

  • All content is extensively researched, validated, and kept up to date.

Instructor Support

  • Have a question or need clarification? Our instructors provide prompt support.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Professional Scrum™, Professional Scrum Master, PSM, PSM I, Professional Scrum Product Owner, PSPO, PSPO I, SPS, PAL, etc. are protected brands of Scrum.org. The content and practice material are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum.org and is for guidance, learning, and reference only. ScrumPrep is not liable for the user’s test results using the content and material of the website. All the content related to Scrum Guide is taken from https://scrumguides.org and is under the Attribution ShareAlike license of Creative Commons. Further information is accessible at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode.

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