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The most comprehensive PAL-EBM practice tests that help you pass the Scrum.org PAL™-EBM exam the first try.

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Fully compatible with the 2022 PAL™-EBM exam.
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PAL-EBM Practice Tests by ScrumPrep

PAL-EBM Practice Exams Designed by Experts

The Exam Prep for Agile Leadership-Evidence Based Management (PAL™-EBM) is designed to help you prepare for the PAL™-EBM certification assessment from Scrum.org. Our question bank was created by Scrum experts who helped design ScrumPrep’s practice tests for the PAL™-EBM and the questions, answers, and explanations.


Question Categories Covered

Evidence-Based ManagementBusiness Strategy
Product ValueStakeholders & Customers
EmpiricismSetting, Inspecting, and Adapting Goals
Portfolio PlanningForming and Evaluating Hypothesis

Course Content

  • Agile Leadership - EBM Practice Test 1 (20 Questions)
  • Agile Leadership - EBM Practice Test 2 (20 Questions)
  • Agile Leadership - EBM Practice Test 3 (20 Questions)
  • Agile Leadership - EBM Practice Test 4 (20 Questions)
  • Agile Leadership - EBM Practice Test 5 (20 Questions)

  • Real exam environment to fully prepare for the official exam.

What Our Students Say

Could not have done it without this course!

This course was exactly what I needed. It made taking the exam comfortable and helped me pass my PAL-EBM Exam with a 98%. Not only did I not have to use my notes during the exam, I felt like the questions were easy to understand because of the practice questions and explanations from this course.

Olga G.

Finished the PAL-EBM exam with lightning speed

You are the best. I cleared the PAL-EBM exam with score 97.5%. Anybody who practices this course can finish the main exam in lightning speed. Thank you for your detailed and hard work! Fully appreciated.

Josephine R.

Easy to follow and easy to understand

Thank you for this wonderful course. The content is easy to follow and easy to understand. I have managed to score 93% on the PAL-EBM by going through the practice assessments and explanations. Much gratitude to Hiro!

Camille F.

Highly recommended practice tests for PAL-EBM exam

Thank you very much for this course! It was a great help and all I need to pass the PAL-EBM (I got 96%). I recommend this course for anyone looking to get their PAL-EBM certification without hesitation. Worth every cent!

Evelyn J.

I took the PAL-EBM exam a few days ago and passed with 98.8%

I took the PAL-EBM exam a few days ago and passed with 98.8%. ScrumPrep’s advice is fool proof. I tested this course against others and this is by far the best. This is not for memory but to get you used to the pressure of completing the questions for real. I’d also recommend doing a few

Naomi F.


The Exam Prep for Agile Leadership-Evidence Based Management (PAL™-EBM) is created to maximize your chances of exam success.  You will become familiar and comfortable with the PAL-EBM assessment exam.

  • Our content is thoroughly researched and regularly tested to conform with the most recent exams.
  • Questions will have similar vocabulary, grammar and level of difficulty as the real exam.
  • Questions will cover the same categories and topics as the real exam.
  • Detailed explanations are provided for the most challenging questions.
  • Our exam experts are available to answer your questions or to clarify answers.
  • Simulated exam environment is provided to help you become comfortable with the exam format and enhance your test taking skills.
  • 99% pass rate.

The PAL-EBM exam has a difficulty level of Intermediate. To be successful, you should have an advanced level of understanding about how an empirical approach can be used to continuously improve organizations and applying different concepts to improvement targets such as customer outcomes, organizational capabilities, and business results. Several questions ask the test-taker to consider how they would handle scenarios and apply their previous experience in alignment with the principles of Evidence-Based Management.


Official PAL™-EBM exam details:

  • Passing score: 85%
  • Time limit: 60 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Language: English only
  • Fee: $200 USD per attempt

The PAL-EBM certification holders demonstrate they are a leader with an advanced level of understanding about how an empirical approach helps organizations to continuously improve.

There is no prerequisite to taking the PAL-EBM Certification assessment. You can take the PAL-EBM assessment if you feel you already possess a high level what EBM is and how to apply it.

Regularly Updated Content

  • All questions and answers are frequently audited to ensure they conform to the latest exams.

Designed by Verified Experts

  • All content is extensively researched, validated, and kept up to date.

Instructor Support

  • Have a question or need clarification? Our instructors provide prompt support.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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